Curadium – Localized, Consciousness based progressive time travel.
Bhoidwood – The Northern Forest
Calig – Second City of the Empire.
Tholis Sea (Mediterranean)
Drun – A God, Drunari being his Clergy.
Toryn – The God of War.
Sternnkin – God of Thunder for the Northern Minotaurs / Dwarves.

Trio Gods: Gorint, Ancestral God of the Gnomes/Halflings; first God to appear to his children.

Selurin, God of the Desert Stars, (Drow, Eladrin)

Aird (Celts) = Tieflings
Criochan (Germanic) = Goliaths
Terakians (Carthaginians) = Orcs/Dragonborn (Strength Base stat, Charisma/Con Flex Stats, Has Orc racial power, Dragonborn Feats.)
Krell (Nordics) = Minotaur
Veris (Spanish) = Githyanki
Isri (Greek) = Half-Elves
Harrulhi (Moors) = Githerzai
Majnun’s (Arabs) = Drow, Along with the Diin; Worships the God Selurin; God of the Stars.
Regians (Italians) = Human. Ancestral Homeland of those from Curadium. Starting empire the players are enlisted with.
Gohlen (Slavs) = Genasi
Jondul (Russians) = Dwarves
Chulians (Cumanians/Mongolians)= Half-Orcs
Feayn (Egyptian) = Elves, Worship the Neutral God of Death, Known as Crua. Long lived, small reproductive ability. Cult of death worship DUE to their low reproductive rate. Cruan clergy in particular known as Veilminders; who are also the first line of defense against the wandering beasts of the desert; Basilisks, Bulettes, etc.
Lorigg’s (Ethiopian) = Gnolls
Diin (Turks) = Eladrin
Gorinth (Jewish Tribes) = Gnomes/Halflings. (Can call upon their god to manipulate fate in order to give them a second chance) Worships Gorint, the God of Luck and Commerce.
Thryans (Warforged) = Imperial Constructs; Elite Guard/Warriors of the Empire.
Random Trash Race: Griknak Goblins